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This is not a "Get rich quick" scheme but it is made up for people like me who wouldnt mind spending and hour or two online in order to earn some cash.

You will earn only if you work hard

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Requests Posted on Wed, October 06, 2010 08:50PM

Here you can ask me anything and i will try to answer you


Google Posted on Wed, October 06, 2010 08:50PM

Here we will use a Google Adsense Program.

To use it first you will need a free website.

To get your own website for free click here

After that you need to create a google Adsense Account

to create it first create a gmail account – click here

then create adsense account – click here

No you need to get content on the site that you like and people would love to hear about so that you can get more people to click on your ads.

I will post more info on this topic soon


PTC sites Posted on Wed, October 06, 2010 08:39PM

Right now there are a lot of products in the market and advertisers would like to you to see what they have to offer but as its not possible to reach each and every user thay contact various websites that do the work for you.

These websites are called PTC/PTR websites.

They pay you to veiw the ads and get paid by advertisers for showing them to you.

Following are the PTC sites that have paid me:-

site 1

site 2

site 3

The following have not paid me yet because i have not reached the minimum payout :-

site 1

site 2

site 3

site 4

site 5

site 6

site 7

site 8

site 9

Pls register to all sites and keep my referal link

I will add new sites as and when i find them


freelance Posted on Wed, October 06, 2010 08:20PM

Right now there is a huge oppurnity in the freelance market.

Freelancers can earn money by writing articles, advertisements, getting paid per post, signing a freelance writer’s contract, selling their photographs or video, programming, graphic design, web development, and much more.

Your earning capacity depends on the quality of service you provide.

In the start you will get very few projects as new employers will not trust you. To solve this problem send a message to the employer informing himthat you are willing to work for less than the lowest bid or providing them with a few free samples. Due to this you will get more jobs and as your rating increases you will earn more

To join click here.

I will provide with more sites once i check if they are legimate.

You can also tell me about some sites you found and i will review them and get back to you.


What to do Posted on Wed, October 06, 2010 07:33PM

Glad to see that you have decided to see what i have to offer.

Ok … The three main ways that i have found to work on line without spending are given below:-

1) freelance work

This is one of the major ways through people earn . Freelance sites basically create a portal for workers. The thing is that it is too costly to employee full time people when you can get quality work done better and faster.

For more info click here

2)Using google Adsense

Google is providing you attractive rates to place advertisements on your page and you earn some money whenever someone clicks on the advartisement. But fot that you need to have a good webpage and some traffic.

For more info click here

3)Using PTC(Paid To Click Sites)

Advertisers these days need a medium to connect to potential coustomers. SO these sites pay you to view advertisement of those advertisement. Joining is free and you might find a good deal some cool stuff

For more info click here

If you find another way that is not a scam feel free to post here and help others

Hello and Welcome

Introduction Posted on Wed, October 06, 2010 06:58PM

Hello and Welcome to my site.

I am a regular ordinary collage going guy just like most of you and i want to tell me one main thing . I don earn $10000 a month not $1000 a month but about $120 a month and its the truth. But the main thing here is that I can do it without subscribing or buying anything.That means that you can start 100% free … without spending a single cent.All you need is the requirements given below:-

1) Paypal Account ( free )

2)Ability to spend 1 or 2 hours a day

3)Not to expect too much because in the starting you might earn as little as 5$ per month but you have to remember its all profit.

So if you are ready move on to my What to do page